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Global Majic Aircraft ActiveX Library

Create games, simulations, and/or cockpit emulations.

Global Majic Aircraft ActiveX Library

Aircraft ActiveX Library is a bundle of four aircraft-specific custom controls including Aircraft Dynamics, Aircraft Instruments, Joystick, and Moving Map ActiveX controls. Packaged together, these components provide developers with a powerful set of tools for creating realistic cockpit and aircraft applications. Useful for private aircraft simulations, vehicle tracking, and many other uses.

The Aircraft Instruments ActiveX Control displays 12 small aircraft flight instruments including air speed indicator, altimeter, artificial horizon, automatic direction finder, climb rate indicator, compass, course indicator, heading indicator, horizontal situation indicator, omni-bearing indicator, radio magnetic indicator, and turn coordinator. It utilizes dynamic property pages and is self-registering.

The Aircraft Dynamics ActiveX is a six degree of freedom simulation tool that provides...

You may: a. Distribute unlimited copies of the DLL, OCX, and/or VBX (minus the license files) with your products royalty-free b. Install the software on only one computer c. Make one (1) copy of the...

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  • ActiveX OCX

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