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Global Majic AlphaNumeric LEDGlobal Majic

Create realistic alphanumeric LED-style displays.

Global Majic AlphaNumeric LEDGlobal Majic

Alphanumeric LED is an ActiveX component that uses the 7-segment LED standard. It is capable of displaying alphabetic characters A through F, any numeric character, a moveable decimal point, and an optional sign value (+ or -). It is data-aware for displaying alphanumeric data from a database. Useful for Calculator displays, digital clocks, countdown timer, Time/Temperature display, and more.

Although there are nearly 50 properties available for the most customized gauge appearance possible, configuration is as close as a single click away. The built-in configuration utility provides a full library of pre-configured styles and application notes to choose from. The library is also editable to store and retrieve your favorite instrumentation setups.

Property pages are arranged by functionality. They are extremely easy to use, yet equally as powerful. They are even available at run time...

You may: a. Distribute unlimited copies of the DLL, OCX, and/or VBX (minus the license files) with your products royalty-free b. Install the software on only one computer c. Make one (1) copy of the...

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Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX

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