Global Majic Knob

Global Majic Knob is an ActiveX component that creates a graphical knob that you can use for interactive data input, process control, realtime adjustments, and the like. It can be controlled via property pages, even at runtime, and all changes are dynamic. Possible uses include: VCR Jogging Component, Tuning Knob, Audio or Video Mixer, Volume Knob, Input Control Knob, Aircraft or Automobile Dial, etc.

Dynamic property pages provide a powerful method for interactively designing dials with full control of styles, scales, tics, bands, captions, and background. It is data-aware, self-registering, provides mouse input features, and its dynamic property pages provide a simple and intuitive interface for programmers and end-users.

Although there are over 100 properties available for the most customized gauge appearance possible, configuration is as close as a single click away. The built-in...

You may: a. Distribute unlimited copies of the DLL, OCX, and/or VBX (minus the license files) with your products royalty-free b. Install the software on only one computer c. Make one (1) copy of the...

We no longer sell Global Majic Software products, please visit their web site instead.

Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX

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