GroupDocs.Text for .NET

GroupDocs.Text for .NET is a document text extraction API. It extracts text and metadata from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email messages, container files that contain other files like ZIP archives, plain text files and HTML without any document readers installed. The text extractor API performs operations with accuracy and speed. It also provides tools to detect encoding such as UTF32 LE, UTF32 BE, UTF16 LE , UTF16 BE and more.

  • Advanced Document Text Extraction API Features
    • Extract raw and formatted text.
    • Extract metadata.
    • Extract text from containers containing other files such as zip archives.
    • Extract formatted text from TXT, Markdown and HTML files.
    • Support for encoding detection.
    • Support for media type detectors.
  • Text and Metadata Extractors - GroupDocs.Text provides various metadata and text extractors for different files.
  • Container Text Extractor - Work with files that contain other documents like zip archives...

Latest News

GroupDocs.Text for .NET V18.2
GroupDocs.Text for .NET V18.2
Extract raw and formatted text from Markdown documents.
GroupDocs.Text for .NET V17.12
GroupDocs.Text for .NET V17.12
Extract pages from OneNote documents.
GroupDocs.Text for .NET V17.10
GroupDocs.Text for .NET V17.10
Extract text from POP3 and IMAP mail servers.
GroupDocs.Text for .NET V17.9
GroupDocs.Text for .NET V17.9
Adds the ability to extract a text from Microsoft Exchange Server.
GroupDocs.Text for .NET 17.8.0
GroupDocs.Text for .NET 17.8.0
Implemented support for extracting text from CHM Help files.
GroupDocs.Text for .NET 17.6.0
GroupDocs.Text for .NET 17.6.0
Extract formatted text from FictionBook (fb2) documents.

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