What's New in GTP.NET

What's new in GTP.NET 6

  • New scrollbar has been added to allow scrolling in time from TimeScrollMinDate to TimeScrollMaxDate
  • New time item drawing style has been added to better facilitate use of screen space and time precision allowing users to have greater precision on move and resize.
  • Gantt_ASP now uses a handler to serve up images and deals with errors in IE10 and 11 which use doubles as coordinates where as Chrome and FF use integers
  • RightToLeft support for the whole Gantt including Grid and Printing.

What's new in V4.0?

  • Fiscal year extension
  • Hidden time
  • Calendars

What's new in V3.3.2.5?

  • BlockedTime calendars works with all TimeItemStyles
  • Updated Ajax toolkit in Gantt_ASP
  • Grid adheres to resize-area double click and adapts to content
  • New event OnUserDrawSortSymbol so you can override the Sort symbol
  • Multiple quality issues resolved and all reported issues are closed.

What's new in V3.0x?

  • AJAX support with client movable and re-sizable time items
  • ASP.NET Schedule (AJAX enabled also)
  • GUI Re-assignable links (Windows forms)
  • Full databinding of Links, TimeItems, GridNodes
  • ConflictAreas and detailed tracking of colliding areas for time items
  • New TimeItemStyles
  • DateScaler zoom around click point
  • Methods to find objects from UserReference on GridNodes, GanttRows, Layers and TimeItems
  • PickValueEdit in Grid, to ease input work on users, a window can popup and allow users to choose from common values
  • TimeMoveMarkers to help users see where movements end up
  • GTP.NET has been made fully security aware, reducing functionality automatically in low trust environments (ClickOnce, XBAP)
  • Samples on how to build A ProjectPlanner, A Resource booker and A Week planner using Databind

What's New in V2.3

  • Versions and samples for VS2005
  • Versions and samples for Delphi2005 and Delphi2006
  • Deeper zoom; now you can zoom down to milliseconds (you need this when tracking satellites )
  • TimeMoveMarkers to help users resize and move with precision
  • Copy and cut from selected grid cells
  • Gantt_ASP behaves better and faster (memory handling revised)
  • ConflictAreas, for all users that need precise information about current time item conflicts (much more detailed handling than collisionDetection)
  • ImageIndex of timeItemTextLayout now allows for easy placement of multiple icons on a TimeItem, with or without an associated text
  • SelectNewdataBoundRows to easily catch new rows from dataset