Help & Manual Basic Releases

November 06, 2018

Updates in 7.4.0


PDF Output

  • TrueType fonts located in TrueType collection packages can now be embedded. Package disassembly and embedding works automatically when you opt to embed TrueType fonts.
  • Before version 7.4, TrueType collection fonts were embedded as Type3 fonts, which generated a slightly blurry typeface. The Type3 fallback option is still present, but is used only, if a TrueType font fails to embed.
  • Italic simulation has been improved. Some fonts (example: Tahoma Italic) do not exist. The...
July 03, 2018

Updates in 7.3.6


General / User Interface

  • Project report with unused images: Toggle icons for expanded view were reported as “unused”, although they were in fact used by the project.
  • Dropdown toggles: If a dedicated “Print” icon was specified for the toggle object, the icon file was not automatically copied to the project folder.
  • Publishing Tasks Dialog: The More menu has an additional entry to directly open the specified output folder of the selected task. Bug fix: task options were not saved for EXE...
March 19, 2018

Updates in 7.3.5


  • Added support for Goalfish Presentations - Help+Manual 7.3.5 fully supports the integration of Goalfish presentations into Help+Manual documentation.


  • PDF: keyword references sometimes not clickable, font embedding problem with TrueType fonts, page referrers not aligned properly when using the PDF/A option. Two minor glitches in the manual designer have been solved as well.
  • HTML Help/CHM: internal script has been updated to fix the problem that full-text search words contained in...
January 05, 2018

Updates in 7.3.4


  • Insert Image Hotspots - The hotspot editor now supports a zoom function to make it easier to work on hotspots on high-resolution monitors.
  • PDF/Print Manuals - The manual template designer has an extra option for keyword index separators. Keyword sections can be created automatically from the actual keyword index. This improves the compatibility of PDF templates with projects in multiple languages.
  • Conditional Text - The Insert Condition dialog box now remembers the last option used...
December 01, 2017

Updates in 7.3.3


  • Keyword Index Tool - Improved display when searching for a particular keyword.
  • Insert Snippet Dialog - Remembers the option to insert a snippet inline or on a new line.
  • Webhelp Full-text Search - The default word length limit of 35 characters has been extended.
  • Code Editor for Baggage Files - Support for .PHP and .ASP implemented.
  • AuthorIT Import - Context numbers were missing in some cases.
  • Inline Text Toggles - When expanded, it was possible that hidden text was inserted twice...
September 07, 2017

Updates in 7.3.2


  • Automatic recovery. New feature to automatically recover unsaved changes after a crash or a power failure.
  • SVG images in HTML Help (.chm): the HTML export options dialog has a new option to optionally convert SVG images to PNG.
  • HTML Help (.chm) and YouTube videos: the standard skins have been modified to avoid Javascript errors with YouTube and Vimeo web videos in CHM files.
  • Webhelp standard skins have been updated.
  • TidyXML option is now enabled for repositories.
  • PDF: anchor hotspots...
June 02, 2017

Updates in 7.3.1


  • TidyXML implemented - Significantly simplifies the amount of XML tag information in the source code of your topics, making them much easier to edit with other XML-based editors.
  • Project Report - Remove Unused Images option implemented. When running the “Full Project Report”, it displays a list of apparently unused images. There is a new button per image folder to move these images to a backup folder.
  • AuthorIT Import - Embedded images are now supported.
  • PDF - New option implemented to...
December 07, 2016

Updates in 7.2


  • PDF/manual designer: the options page for the PDF keyword index contains a new setting “Avoid duplicate page numbers in Index”. This option is on by default and will avoid printing the same page number multiple times if the same keyword occurs in two or more consecutive topics that happen to start on the same PDF page.
  • Program Options: configuration setting for temporary compiler files (CHM, eBooks) implemented. This can improve compilation speed when the help project is located on a...
June 10, 2016

Updates in 7.1


  • Author-it import officially included - Version 7.1 can read and import Author-it project files directly. This makes the transition from Author-It to Help+Manual much easier than before, because the new import feature retains the internal structure of an Author-It project.
  • Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Sandcastle - Implemented support for Team Foundation Server 2015 (version control) and for the last Microsoft Sandcastle version 2.7.2. Visual Studio source code documentation with...
June 24, 2015

Updates in V7

  • Multiple TOCs - Create a new TOC and drag in and rearrange the topics and chapters you want to include. You can also add unique topics and chapters as well.
  • MS Team Foundation Server Version Control - Help+Manual now also includes active support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server version control.
  • Topic History Local Version Control - Help+Manual gives you access to all previous versions of your individual topics. And the ability to roll back the content of any topic to an earlier...