HiveMind is an optimization component, able to find optimal solutions for calibration and tuning problems, without requiring comprehensive knowledge of optimization. It utilizes an advanced Swarm Intelligence Algorithm for solving the optimization problems and the intuitive user interface allows you to plan the optimization process. HiveMind allows optimization of up to 20 variables at a single time, using different ranges and constraints regarding each one. HiveMind can connect to both .Net applications, MS-SQL or industrial SCADA software. With it, you can perform quick and reliable optimizations. Perform optimizations using database knowledge, or by calling on external calculations. Once the hivemind engine has been defined for a certain problem, it can be saved to file, with or without the solutions found. Completed analyses can be recalled from files, or re-run again using new data. Easy to implement with only a few lines of code HiveMind does not require changes in your current software architecture or knowledge in optimization algorithms. The entire optimization procedure can be activated with a few lines of script code.

HiveMind is an optimization component which is able to find the best possible solutions for optimization problems such as calibration and tuning problems. This is done without requiring comprehensive knowledge of the field of optimization. Simple and quick connectivity allows HiveMind to become a quick solution, deployable anytime, anywhere.

  • Find optimal solutions for advanced multivariable problems.
  • Lay constraints that must be satisfied by the optimal solution.
  • Quick Connectivity to C#, MS-SQL...

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Find Optimal Solutions for Calibration and Tuning
Find Optimal Solutions for Calibration and Tuning
HiveMind is a component that integrates smart optimization algorithms into existing systems.
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  • .NET Class
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