TrendViewer .NET

TrendViewer.NET is a .NET charting tool for integration in applications implemented in .NET. You can view analog and binary trend data and highlight states of measured data. ICS TrendViewer.NET offers different colors, fill styles, flood curves, interactive modification of trend data during display, over 500 curves, 2 x-scales and 500 y-scales, scale inscription setup in XML; flexible display of complex trend diagrams and more. Available as Standard Edition or Professional Edition with German and English Manuals, samples with C# and VB.NET, test container included in the setup

Features of TrendViewer 3 .NET 2.0 Standard Edition:

  • Scalable display of y/t, x/y and phase diagrams with additional time scale
  • Vertical or horizontal display
  • Optional strip charts
  • Direct zoom of time and value scales that are dockable
  • Up to 512 y-scales can be stacked or grouped to which single curves or curve groups can be assigned
  • Linear or logarithmic value scales, cyclic degree-scale
  • Easy setup of the scale inscription in XML
  • Up to 2 independent x-scales for the duration of the measurement...

Latest News

TrendViewer .NET V1.1.1530.20
TrendViewer .NET V1.1.1530.20
Fixes resizing stacked scales bug.
TrendViewer .NET V1.1.1362.20
TrendViewer .NET V1.1.1362.20
Includes a number of bug fixes.
TrendViewer updated
TrendViewer updated
TrendViewer .NET 3 V1.1 significantly accelerated
TrendViewer .NET 3 V1.1 significantly accelerated
Enhanced Envelope function improves performance for curves with many values.
TrendViewer updated
TrendViewer updated

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