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Easy customization of your .NET applications.

Published by eEvolution
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2010


iCustomizer enables you to customize your user interface (GUI) at runtime. iCustomizer is able to perform customized changes in existing templates, including graphic and functional modifications, which have not been designed by the programmer. Normally modifications are limited to showing/hiding of menu items, columns or buttons, resizing of tables and forms, changes in the order of columns in a table etc. These modifications, however, are only possible if they have been programmed by the developer in the first place. With iCustomizer, however, every user can change control properties at runtime. It is not only possible to modify existing controls but also to add new controls and give them desired functionality. All changes can be saved so that they are available every time the programme is started.

iCustomizer Features
iCustomizer is evoked using a pre-defined hot key combination. Once active, users can alter a control’s properties or insert new controls on the form. Furthermore it is possible to create C#-Scripts and link them to any control event. All alterations that are made using iCustomizer are implemented in runtime i.e. they can be seen/used immediately. Subsequently the alterations can be saved so that they are available when the module is started again. All alterations of control...

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nGroup joins ComponentSource
iCustomizer enables user interface customization at runtime, even in existing templates.

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