About InaAuthenticate.Net

Access NT security settings over the Internet.

InaAuthenticate provides user authentication based on NT/Win2000 usernames and passwords. It also allows administrators to query security information such as users in a group, and all groups to which a user is assigned. InaAuthenticate eliminates the need for keeping separate tables of usernames and passwords for assigning access to web applications.

InaAuthenticate.NET is a component that can verify a user within a domain. Also, it can verify that the user belongs to a given group.

In addition InaAuthenticate allows for the retrieving of all groups a user belongs to within the domain.

Eliminates the need for additional data sources of usernames and password. It keeps usernames and passwords centralized.

InaAuthenticate supports only 3 methods:

  • Check (domain, user, password)
  • InGroup (domain, user, group)
  • Groups (domain, user)