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Enable advanced calculations in your accounting or spreadsheet application.

Published by Inabyte


InaCalc supports conventional math operators and functions and is suitable for heavy-duty number crunching. It also supports other data types, such as string, date-time, logical, and operators and functions for these data types. It allows defining variables and sets of related formulas that implement spreadsheet-like recalculations.

New in Verson 2.x:

  • Added ability to set locale in the component (thousands and decimal separator) - allows for different country settings on the fly - ideal for websites that want to switch between langauages

The professional edition supports spreadsheet-like multiple formula recalculation, as well as custom function support and virtual variables.

The InaCalc component is useful in two general areas: first, when a formula has to be defined and evaluated at runtime (for example, if the end user...


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Component Type
  • ActiveX DLL