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Validate credit card numbers before sending for authorization.

Published by Inabyte


InaCardCheck.Net uses recognized algorithms to verify that a submitted credit card number is valid, helping to prevent fraud and saving time and money by only sending validated cards for authorization. This component can be used in either a distributed environment or on a web server. Supports American Express, BankCard, Cart Blanche, Delta, Diners Club, Discover, Enroute, JCB, MasterCard, Switch and Visa.

Features: Small footprint. Expiration date formatted as (4 digits) mmyy with a 20 year cycle for expiration Provides an error return code for the validation, errorcodes can also be returned verbose All cards use luhn10 algorithm except Enroute Card prefix and width:

  • Amex 34, 37 width 15
  • Bankcard 56 width 16
  • Diners or Carte Blanche 300 to 305, 36, 38 width 14
  • Discover 6011 width 16
  • Enroute 2014, 2149 width 15
  • Jcb(1) 3 width 16
  • Jcb(2) 2131, 1800 width 15
  • Mastercard 51 to 55 width 16
  • Switch width...

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Component Type
  • .NET Class
  • 100% Managed Code