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We do not supply this product anymore.

Enterprise Capacity Solution

Let your users browse and manage multiple site collections seamlessly.

Published by Infowise
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2010

Enterprise Capacity Solution Licensing

License Types:

Server License - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server. Front-end server is one responding to user requests (web server). This license is not time-limited, but you are not entitled to new versions, except for explicit bug fixes.

Server License with Annual Support - same as Server License, but also includes the right to contact the publisher's support on 3 non-bug related issues within the period of one year. This could be help with installation, integration or customizations. Bug fixes are included with any license free of charge.

Developer License - entitles you to the right of installing the product on one front-end server in non-production environment. You can use this license for your test/integration/pre-production farms. Note that you must order at least one full server license to have the right to order a developer license.

Annual Support Renewal - extends the annual support to another year. You must order the original product with annual support to be eligible for this renewal.

Please note: for licensing purposes any server connected to the SharePoint farm and running Windows SharePoint Services Web Application is considered to be a front-end server, regardless whether or not actual user connections are permitted by your network settings.

Important - Please note that there may be a delay before you can use this software as a unique License key needs to be generated using your order details.