Smart List Pro

Smart List Pro Forms creation is simple and goes hand in hand with the built-in capabilities of SharePoint. Smart List Pro extends SharePoint lists with a multitude of new features: tabbed views with permissions, advanced column permissions, view permissions, default values, advanced field validation and more, completely covering the needs of over 80% of all forms you will ever need. Smart List Pro is very simple to use, so forms are easy to create, maintain and use for users with basic SharePoint skills.

Smart List Pro adds advanced features to your SharePoint lists, such as tab and column permissions, custom input validation, view permissions and more. Gain precise control on which users are exposed to what information under what conditions.

  • Tabs and Tab Permissions – Why give permissions to each and every column? Group columns into tabs (or groups) and assign permissions directly to each tab, such as Edit, View or Deny (hidden), depending on user, form or conditions, and specify default tab...

Latest News

Smart List Pro improves Client-side Rendering
Extend SharePoint Lists and Columns
Extend SharePoint Lists and Columns
Advanced Tab, Column and View permissions for SharePoint lists and document libraries.
Infowise joins ComponentSource
Infowise joins ComponentSource
Smart List Pro adds advanced features such as tab/column permissions and custom input validation to SharePoint lists.

We no longer sell Infowise products, please visit their web site instead.

Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003