What's New in Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF

What’s new in Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF 2009 Volume 2?

JSF WebGrid Row Filtering – NEW!

  • Enable users to dynamically filter your data tables so that they see only the rows matching criteria they can specify
  • Position an empty filter row at the top or bottom of your data table, so users can filter by values in any or all columns
  • Features a large number of conditions by which your users can filter row values, including: Equals, Does not equal,  Begins with,  Ends with,  Contains,  Does not contain,  Between,  Before,  Less than,   Less than or equal to,   After,  Greater than, Greater than or equal to, This day, Next day,  Previous day.

JSF WebChart - Enhanced

  • Now you can use the chart component straight from your own Servlet code, even if you are not writing a JSF application.

JSF WebEditors - Enhanced

  • Customize the WebInputDateChooser component’s submit button image using its new img attribute.

IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Support – NEW!

  • Begin building your Web applications in IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0 immediately since the JSF 1.2 components now work out of the box in this environment.

What's new in Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF 2009 Volume 1?

Client Side Object Model (CSOM)

  • This new feature makes all JSF components more easily programmable on the client-side (i.e., inside of the user’s browser) without having to go to the server.
  • Client-side scripting of objects and properties enables developers to improve the performance and responsiveness of Web applications.
  • Developers are can now add their own Javascript that will be processed when client-side events take place.

JSF WebGridEnhanced

  • Full export to Comma Separated Values (CSV) file format mode added.
  • Locale-aware sorting allows developers to create more globalizable applications.
  • Easier row selection behavior through the customizability of the defaultSelected attribute of the row selection column.

JSF WebBar - Enhanced

  • Now developers can change the Stackbar Group Icon based on the expanded or collapsed state of that Group.

JSF WebEditors - Enhanced

  • Customize the date chooser component’s submit button text using the new buttonText attribute.

What's new in Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF 2008 Volume 2?

  • WebDropDown– A new AJAX-enabled component which allows type-ahead data entry so that as the user types data into an editable text field, a list of possible completions appears as a value list beneath the text field.  This makes for a highly intuitive data entry experience for your end users
  • Aggregate Functions in WebGrid Column Footers – Fulfill your users’ need for a spreadsheet-style data display which shows calculations such as sum, average, count, minimum and maximum. Built-in to the WebGrid is support for calculating these aggregate functions from the underlying column data in the grid’s column footers
  • Cell Activation in WebGrid - Now users can give “focus” to single cells within the WebGrid, and move that focus around with various keyboard keys
  • Integration with standards and popular frameworks – As part of the Java Community, Infragistics knows what’s going on and are responsive to changes in the Java market. All of their components now support the JavaServer Faces 1.2 standard

What’s new in Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF 2008 Volume 1?

  • AJAXSupport in Leading Portal Environments – NEW: All AJAX features such as SmartRefresh and AJAX load-on-demand scrolling are fully supported within Portals, which normally pose a stumbling block to the use of high-performance AJAX functionality. Major portals supported with only a minimal configuration file change include IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and JBoss. 
  • Web Dialog Window  – NEW: New WebDialogWindow component replicates the look and feel of rich, desktop-style dialog windows such as maximize, minimize and restore. It bypasses the pop-up blocker functionality of modern browsers allowing it to work portably across environments. 
  • Interactive Data Table – NEW Enhancements: Our master/detail data table, the WebGrid now features AJAX load-on-demand scrolling, fixed column push-pins, improved in-cell editing and multi-column sorting, in addition to its already world-beating feature set.

What’s new in Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF 2007 Volume 2?

  • Grid - The hierarchical grid now features vertical scrollbars, column resizing, and stationary headers
  • Design time IDE Support - Support for NetBeans and IBM RAD along with pre-built styles allow developers to rapidly build and style incredibly rich Web 2.0 applications in J2EE environments. Note: NetAdvantage for JSF is certified Ready for Rational by IBM
  • Reference Application - The online samples browser will be enhanced by the addition of an Executive Dashboard sample application featuring the JSF controls, including the application source code

What's new in NetAdvantage in JSF 2007 Volume 1?

  • New WebChart Component - Present your data visually with our new WebChart component that can create incredibly rich 2D and 3D charts. All the most commonly used charts are provided, eliminating the need for a separate chart package
  • Grid Export - Easily share data with other applications by exporting data from the grid to a standard CSV file
  • Portal Support - Better portal support for JBoss Portal, Liferay, and WebSphere portal

What's new in NetAdvantage in JSF 2006 Volume 2?

  • Simplify Complex Data - New hierarchical grid easily organizes and displays data in nested grids
  • Maintain Readability - Fixed columns keep column data in view while your users scroll
  • Built-in Convenience - Easily export grid data to a standard CSV file
  • Great User Experience - APIs allow interactive experiences on the web