About Infragistics WebAsyncRefreshPanel

Create ASP.NET Web applications that don't require postbacks.

Infragistics WebAsyncRefreshPanel (or WARP) groups your Web controls and content together in an AJAX control container that can work without postbacks. In the background, asynchronous callbacks to the server are triggered by its child controls only when needed to refresh the panel's content. WARP means high performance for your ASP.NET application by optimizing bandwidth utilization and speeding up response times. Infragistics WebAsyncRefreshPanel is a container control, which can be used to group content at design-time or run-time and to hide post back triggered by a child control.

Infragistics WebAsyncRefreshPanel Key Features

  • Fully Stylable - The Refresh Panel can have either a styled appearance, or show no visible presence at all. Interconnectable - Link multiple Refresh Panels together so that if an update is triggered by one panel, its dependent panel(s) can also be completely refreshedPanel Updates External Controls - Individual controls outside of the WARP can AJAX refresh themselves as part of its behind-the-scenes asynchronous postback External Controls Update Panel - WARP can be AJAX refreshed when ASP.NET controls outside of it trigger the refresh panel to perform an asynchronous postback
  • Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) - The Refresh Panel supports several client-side events (e.g., RefreshRequest, RefreshComplete, InitializePanel) and functions. You can use JavaScript to reference and manipulate any control inside of a Refresh Panel.