Infragistics WebCalcManager

Infragistics WebCalcManager adds Microsoft Excel formula support to ASP.NET controls including WebGrid and editors. Infragistics WebCalcManager includes over 100 formulas, a formula builder, custom formulas, etc. Infragistics WebCalcManager adds Microsoft Excel formula support to NetAdvantage ASP.NET controls as well as ordinary ASP.NET controls like TextBox. Infragistics WebCalcManager supports Internet Explorer 4.0 and up, and Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and up (both Windows and Mac).

Infragistics WebCalcManager Features

Using the CalcManager - After placing an WebGrid on a form, the user turns to the WebGrid designer and adds an unbound column. One of the column properties is the new Formula property. The user chooses the Formula property and clicks the ellipsis (...) button which brings up the Formula Designer. The Formula Designer then checks for an instance of WebCalcManager already created on the form. If there are none present, then a new instance is added to the form...

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  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • AJAX

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