Infragistics WebCombo

Infragistics WebCombo (a.k.a Infragistics WebDropDown) can be used as a stand alone dropdown control on a page to display data in a single or multi-column view. With the embeddable editor capability of the Infragistics WebGrid, you can also easily embed the Infragistics WebCombo (a.k.a Infragistics WebDropDown) in a grid column to display data from related tables. Infragistics WebCombo is also know as Infragistics WebDropDown

Infragistics WebCombo features at a glance

  • AJAX - Loading, scrolling, paging and type-ahead support for incremental loading of data
  • Flexible Display - Single and Multi-Column data display
  • Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) - Handle over 25 events within the browser such as MouseOver, CellButtonClick, MouseDown, KeyDown, BeforeEndEdit, BeforeCellChange, and more; without ever posting back to the server
  • Visual Effects - Showcase browser visual effects such as fade-ins, shadows, and alpha level...

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Component Type
  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • AJAX

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