About Infragistics WebCombo

Standalone or embedded AJAX multi-column combo.

Infragistics WebCombo (a.k.a Infragistics WebDropDown) can be used as a stand alone dropdown control on a page to display data in a single or multi-column view. With the embeddable editor capability of the Infragistics WebGrid, you can also easily embed the Infragistics WebCombo (a.k.a Infragistics WebDropDown) in a grid column to display data from related tables. Infragistics WebCombo is also know as Infragistics WebDropDown

Infragistics WebCombo features at a glance

  • AJAX - Loading, scrolling, paging and type-ahead support for incremental loading of data
  • Flexible Display - Single and Multi-Column data display
  • Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) - Handle over 25 events within the browser such as MouseOver, CellButtonClick, MouseDown, KeyDown, BeforeEndEdit, BeforeCellChange, and more; without ever posting back to the server
  • Visual Effects - Showcase browser visual effects such as fade-ins, shadows, and alpha level blending
  • Style Presets - We provide an entire set of predefined templates for defining commonly found looks on websites. Layout templates include common functional styles (XP, 2003, standard and more), coordinated color schemes, creative border solutions, images and font selections. Or create your own, and save it as a custom template to reuse or distribute as a corporate standard.
  • Browser Support - Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, Netscape 6.0 and above, and FireFox 1.0 and above (both Windows and Mac).
  • Client Side Object Model (CSOM) - Manipulate virtually any WebCombo object on the client in JavaScript or VBScript with the comprehensive client side API.
  • Section 508 Compliance - Full compliance with Workforce Investment Act of 1998 Sub-section 508 regarding information access to people with disabilities.