About Infragistics WebGauge

Fast and effective data visualization and dashboards.

Infragistics WebGauge combines separate visual elements with graphical flair to create multifaceted gauges with 3 visual display modes: Radial, Linear and Digital. The composable architecture of the Infragistics WebGauge also allows hybrid combinations of any of these so you can create a radial voltage gauge (voltmeter) to accentuate fine movements in electrical potential with a digital readout that gives a precise measure at any instant in time. Radial gauges simulate instrumentation dials, clockfaces, speedometers, and other round-faced meters with any number of hands and insets. Linear gauges present graduated linearreadouts like a thermometer's mercury column or a scale of soil pH values, and can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Digital gauges reflect 7- or 14-segment LED or LCD alphanumerical readouts that look superior to static text labels in many scenarios.

Infragistics WebGauge features:

  • Popular Styles - Gauges can be displayed as one of 3 popular styles: Radial, Linear, or Digital.
  • AJAX Enabled - A scriptable Client-Side Object Model (CSOM), click events and AJAX for high performance gauge refreshes give the WebGauge considerable interactivity.
  • Composable - Multiple Scales and Ranges can be combined into a single gauge.
  • Advanced Graphics - Use Anti-Aliasing, Alpha-Blending, Solid or our custom Paint Elements to design the most photorealistic gauges.
  • Rapid Design - Use the new design-time wizard to quickly design your gauge, or choose from one of the included professionally designed, custom-shaped gauges.