Infragistics WinPrinting

Infragistics WinPrinting Windows Forms controls provides mulitple printing options for every application. No matter what your printing requirements are, you have multiple options using NetAdvantage. You can simply replace the native Microsoft print document and print preview controls with the NetAdvantage equivalents, or you can perform more advanced schedule and grid printing.

WinPrinting includes the following printing controls and components:

  • WinPrintDocument - Drop-in replacement for the Microsoft Print Document.
  • WinPrintPreviewControl - An advanced user interface for displaying print documents. This is a drop-in replacement for the native PrintPreview control.
  • WinPrintPreviewThumbnail - Use this control to display thumbnail images of each page in your print job. The UI can be crafted to mimic Adobe Acrobat style preview windows.
  • WinPrintPreviewDialog - A complete...

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  • .NET WinForms
  • 100% Managed Code
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