Infragistics xamColorPicker

Infragistics xamColorPicker is a colour picker component for WPF applications. With xamColorPicker users can simply select a color box from a predetermined palette of colors as they might in any paint program. If your users have an eye for a more exquisite color that they would like to synthesize for themselves, you can make available to them the color picker's Advanced Color Editor (ACE) that lets your users compose a color using any of the Red Green Blue (RGB), Hue Saturation Luminosity (HSL) or Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (CMYK) color models with instant visual feedback. Time-saving features like the most recently-used color palette and derived palettes make quickly returning to favorite colors easy.

xamColorPicker Key Features at a Glance

  • xamColorPicker Dropdown Palette UI – xamColorPicker is the convenient dropdown editor for color selection you can use anywhere within Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • xamColorPicker Advanced Color Editor – xamColorPicker offers an optional Advanced tab so your users can formulate their own colors in real-time and with an Alpha channel from any color model.
  • xamColorPicker Recent Color Palette – xamColorPicker knows that if your users pick a color once, they...

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  • .NET WPF

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