About Infragistics xamSlider

Silverlight slider control.

xamSlider includes simple sliders with one thumb to range sliders that can have two or more, from numbers to dates, and from generic base class to the specific data types you need, xamSlider has it all. xamSliders templating support allows you to create unique-looking sliders that are more than mere editors for a superior user experience.

xamSlider Key Features at a Glance

  • Range Sliders – xamSlider lets you have multiple thumbs so you can set high and low values of a range, such as for filtering data
  • Bring Your Own Type – xamSlider has generic base classes that can be trivially extended for your own data types
  • Interaction Modes – xamSlider thumbs can exhibit free, locked, or push behaviors when they encounter other thumbs on the track
  • Template Track & Thumbs – xamSlider has full template support for both the styling of its track and sliding thumbs
  • Customizable Look and Feel – xamSlider can appear horizontally, vertically, with and without tickmarks and labels, however you like