InstallAware Express Reviews

Until last year I used a rather inexpensive and simple installation tool for all my setups. But for more and more projects it became more time consuming due to the need of "workarounds" and tweaks I was forced to do. So I decided to invest in a new tool and I ended up using the InstallAware Express. With the Express edition I have been able to considerable reduce the time to create all my setups and also to improve the UI and the interaction between the installation software and the users. All the templates, that are available, makes it easy to create the wanted setup projects in a fast way. The design of the UI in the tool simplifies the process to develop highly professional solutions and it allow us to easily navigate through the setup project we work with. One of the real challenges we face when working with larger setup projects is to assure that we have taken care of all the requirements so that we in the end get the wanted product. This is here InstallAware Express shows its strength by the design of the project window together with the great number of properties, actions and dialogs it offers. The support is excellent and they show some great patience when individuals like me who are new user ask a lot of basic questions. The software uses the Ribbon UI which may or may be not annoying for other developers. Personally I have no issues with it. But what I find annoying is that whenever we click on a function or whatever that is not included in the Express edition a dialog pop ups and ask if we want to visit the website for more information. Maybe the first time it can be acceptable. What I miss is the scripting tool that is available in the more expensive versions of InstallAware and I wish an express version of the scripting tool could be made available. Anyway, I'm really pleased with the product and therefore I can also highly recommend it to other developers.