InstallAware Studio Admin Releases

Released: Feb 2, 2020

Updates in X11 Service Pack 2


  • Brand New Security Stack - Set Access Control and the Native Engine applies all kinds of permissions.
  • Mix different versions, users, and "All Users/Just Me" installs.
  • Acrylic Bug Workaround - This release solves the Windows 190X/19HX broken Acrylic window dragging bug.


  • MSI Transactions work on Windows 10.
  • Flash works on Server 2016/2019.
  • Windows Features show the latest images.

Released: Dec 20, 2019

Updates in X11


  • Torrent/Magnet Downloads - InstallAware now supports distributed, decentralized downloads - including for web media blocks.
    • Eliminate the need for traditional file hosting, and the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks.
    • Break free from server nodes, and cut down on hosting fees.
    • Improve download speeds and accelerate installations.
    • No changes required to existing InstallAware projects. Easily upgrade your existing setups to InstallAware.
  • New Security Model - Manage registry, file system...

Released: Sep 19, 2019

Updates in X10


  • Extensible, Multi-Part Downloads - Parallel threading for accelerating custom content delivery.
  • IntelliScan Code Checking - Never break a build again with bad file references in script or UI.
  • Windows Features 2.0 Plug-In - An 100% accurate feature and server role configurator.
  • Code Preview Window - Bird's eye view of your source code topology with instant navigation.
  • Azure DevOps Services Integration - IDE integration pulls source code from the cloud, as well as Microsoft Visual Studio...

Released: May 19, 2019

Updates in X9 Centennial Update


  • DirectX based rendering for all your existing setup wizard dialogs.
  • Ensures 100% seamless transitions, with or without special effects.
  • Intelligently enabled on a per-dialog basis, based on compatibility.
  • Fixes Windows 10 19H1's slow drag bug for sheets of Acrylic or Glass.

Released: Dec 3, 2018

Updates in X9



  • The InstallAware IDE is now able to access native file system and registry locations on ARM64 platforms (cellular PCs running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor).

Tools and Libraries

  • The updated Win64 Setup template helps you build a single installer targeting X64, ARM64, and X86 platforms all from a single setup file.
  • The new Build MSIX Package tool builds existing InstallAware projects as MSIX packages, either interactively or from the command line, as well as continuing to...

Released: Jun 8, 2018

Updates in X8



  • You may now acquire a remote project hosted on a Team Foundation Server or from Visual Studio Team Services. This feature is fully integrated within the InstallAware IDE, accessible in just a couple clicks, and functions without any dependencies on other tools such as Visual Studio or Team Explorer.
  • When attempting to debug a setup project which has not been built with a debug compatible build layout, the IDE now offers to rebuild it on-the-fly with a debug compatible uncompressed...

Released: Dec 22, 2017

Updates in X7


  • Suite Installer Wizard - Merge any number of setups into one global suite installer, with feature binding support.
  • Dialog Editor with Undo/Redo - Instantly recover from mistakes while experimenting with your own setup themes.
  • Large Memory Model - Never run out of memory during setup extractions, or while packing your installations.
  • Download and Run Wizard - Link to third party servers when downloading application runtimes from the web.
  • Windows Component Installer - 100% visual...

Released: Jun 13, 2017

Updates in X6 Creators Update


  • Creators Update: The APPX Builder now lets you customize your APPX logo, and has its own project file.
  • NanServer: Build Windows Server Applications (WSA) Installer packages using the new APPX Builder 2.0.
  • Windows Store: Submit your Win32, Win64, and .NET apps the Windows Store right after building your APPX.
  • Sideloading: InstallAware navigates the different APPX requirements for Sideloading vs. Windows Store builds.
  • .NET 4.7 Runtime: Avoid pitfalls with automatic certificate...

Released: Feb 20, 2017

Updates in X6



  • The Services design view has been updated to allow controlling and setting failure actions for services.
  • The Application Runtime Wizard has been updated to create MSI pre-requisites with multiple MST transfoms applied to the MSI setup of the prerequisite.
  • Team Foundation Server 2017 integration is now available for source control.
  • A wide selection of authenticode signature time stamp server URLs for SHA256 signatures are available.

Tools and Libraries

  • The new InstallAware...

Released: Aug 5, 2016

Updates in X5


  • APPX Builder: Build any InstallAware setup as a Windows 10 Redstone Universal Windows Platform application. Effortlessly carry your Win32, Win64, and .NET apps to the future.
  • Windows 10 Redstone: Detect and run setups on Windows 10 Redstone.
  • Visual Studio 15: Integrate with Visual Studio 15 and generate setup projects - and even build them - without ever leaving the Visual Studio 15 IDE.
  • New Runtimes: .NET Framework 4.6.2, SQL Server 2014 with Service Pack 2, SQL Server 2016. If its...