Instant Protection PLUS

July 11, 2017

Updates in


  • The SOLO Server author sign-in step used when syncing products with SOLO Server has been reworked and stream-lined. Previously, a pop-up dialog was shown to allow entry of the SOLO Server sign-in credentials followed by another sign-in progress dialog. These have been removed and the SOLO Server login and syncing now occurs within the SOLO Server Product List wizard step.
  • The option to create a new product on SOLO Server has been removed. A link has been added to the SOLO Server Product List wizard step that will open the default browser to the new SOLO Server product wizard.
  • A two part tutorial demonstrating protecting and activating an application using Instant Protection PLUS 3 and SOLO Server can be found in the manual under the new "Tutorials" book. This tutorial series is geared towards new customers unfamiliar with Instant Protection PLUS 3 and/or SOLO Server.
  • The "Support Website" field in the General Product Information wizard step is now called "Support Link" and handles mailto: links in addition to URLs.
  • Added a sample application demonstrating converting a customer's valid license created by Instant Protection PLUS 3 to a Protection PLUS 5 license.
  • Instant Protection PLUS 3 now scales the text in the wizard steps when using higher text sizes (DPI).


  • Fixed an issue where using the [varLicenseID] variable or the [varPassword] variable when customizing the License Revoked text may cause the protected application to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the licensing code turns on DPI Awareness for the process in order to scale the text in the licensing and activation dialogs which could then affect the sizing of the protected application or an application using a protected DLL. The DPI Awareness is now set on the licensing thread and will only affect the licensing and activation dialogs. This only affects Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Fixed various text sizing issues in the licensing and activation dialogs to scale better with higher text size settings (DPI).