About IntegralUI Lists

Data presentation controls.

IntegralUI Lists is a set of four feature-rich visualization controls for data and collections of items. IntegralUI TreeView for rich hierarchical treeviews; IntegralUI ListView  for display, selection and sorting of data and item collections; IntegralUI TreeListView with the combined power of TreeView and ListView and IntegralUI ListBox for the display, selection and sorting of data and item collections. All controls have built-in Live Editor and Drag & Drop support, fast node and item list creation, XML encoding of Nodes, Columns, Items and Subitems, highly customizable appearance and theme support (including Vista).

IntegraUI Lists feature List:

Includes four advanced controls: ListView, TreeListView, TreeView and New for V2.0 ListBox
WYSIWYG designer

Highly customizable appearance

  • General color styles for checkboxes, scrollbars and control background
  • Different color styles for every state of Columns, Groups and Items
  • Styles can be inherited from the parent control
  • Appearance of the Columns and Items can be set by custom images or color schemes
  • Columns can be drawn over items
  • Columns can have space between them
  • Items can have space between them
  • Partial or Full Transparency
  • Customizable border with three shapes and control over visibility of each border side
  • Office 2007 fading effect with five speed levels
  • Watermarks
  • Theme support
  • Visual Styles
    • Vista
    • XP
    • Classic


  • Every column can have header and footer
  • Header of column can contain text and image
  • Text of the column header and footer can be formatted by using special XML tags
  • Control over border shapes and visibility for the column header, body and footer
  • Separate color style for each state of the column (Normal, Hovered and Selected state)
  • Each column can contain text and image
  • Fixing the columns to the left or right side of the control layout
  • The width of the column can be fixed
  • Permission over reordering the columns
  • Column can be visible or hidden


  • Color and format styles for each group
  • Group can be expanded/collapsed
  • The group header can have three different appearances
    • BottomLine
    • CenterLine
    • Gradient


  • Separate color style for each state of the item (Normal, Disabled, Hovered, Selected and Focused)
  • Each item can contain text, image, checkbox, flag and subitems
  • Text of the item and subitems can be formatted by using special XML tags
  • Control over item border shapes and visibility
  • Item can be visible or hidden
  • Every item can be grouped
  • Context Menus
  • Item text is editable


  • Multiple item selection
  • Arrange items in four list view appearances
    • LargeIcon
    • List
    • SmallIcons
    • Details
  • Permissions over column reordering, Drag&Drop operations, selection check, hover selection, label edit
  • Advanced Drag&Drop operations
    • Predefined – items can be reordered showing the reorder position mark
    • Custom – create your own Drag&Drop operation
  • Advanced sort operations
    • Predefined – columns can be sorted by the content value: String, Integer and Double
    • Custom – create your own sort operation
  • XML encoding
    • The columns, groups and items text can contain hyperlinks, substrings with different colors and font
    • Text can be shown in multiple lines or paragraphs
  • XML serialization
    • Support for serialization in files
    • Support for serialization in streams, including databases