IntegralUI ListView Releases

Released: Jul 2, 2013

Updates in v4.0

  • Multi-column sorting
  • Span subitems in multiple columns
  • Serialization of partial set of items, color schemes and themes
  • Load on Demand option for loading partial data from XML file, database or memory stream
  • Owner Draw events for drawing each part of the control
  • Column can have with min and max width
  • Column formatting option to display values in user specific format
  • Different column permissions: AllowHover, AllowSelect, AllowResize, AllowDrag, AutoSizable
  • Different item permissions: AllowHover...

Released: Dec 21, 2011

Updates in v3.2

  • Option to show items in Card view
  • Option to align expand box in groups
  • Option to extend the current theme with custom colors for all controls
  • New RatingControl which can use custom images to show rating values, includes star image as default
  • New NumberedListControl presents a numbered list of items acting like navigation panel
  • New controls: Panel and TransparentPanel, presents a containers with gradient fill of its background and custom border appearance
  • A DisplayMode property for items which...

Released: Jan 6, 2011

Updates in IntegralUI Lists

  • Pixel-based scrolling enabled for ListBox, TreeListView and TreeView controls
  • New Key property in ObjectEventArgs, used to uniquely identify different objects
  • Fully compatible with Visual Studio 2010
  • The Key which specifies the text from XML content is carried with the editing events
  • A built-in root node which will be used as parent for first level nodes and which retrieve the control Nodes collection
  • IsRoot property which determines whether a node is the root node
  • ItemObjectClicked and...

Released: Jul 20, 2010

Updates in v3.0

  • Great performance improvement during data load and control layout update
  • Partially visible controls remain active
  • New XML attributes:
    • assemblypath and resource for img tag, used to get references from embedded resources
    • selectedtextcolor for style tag, used for changing the color of text when selected
    • r tag for regular font
    • id for most tags, used to identify specific object
  • Option to separately show/hide the scrollbars
  • Option to create unique appearance of scrollbars using textures
  • Four color...

Released: Dec 18, 2009

Updates in v2.2

  • Eight new built-in controls which can be used as a standalone and inside list controls using XML tags:
    CheckBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker, ListControl, MonthCalendar, NumericUpDown, ProgressBar, TextControl
  • Advanced filter which allows data to be filtered by multiple values using AND, OR criteria and exact or prefix match
  • XML Serialization for controls and images
  • Improved performance during load process
  • ApplyFocusStyle, a property which enables/disables FocusStyle for items. Useful during multi...

Released: Feb 10, 2009

Updates in v2.1

  • Option for Custom controls to remain visible during scrolling
  • Support for custom animated gifs in every item with control over animation
  • Option to edit the subitem text during runtime
  • Option to manually stop the fading effect

Released: Oct 15, 2008

Updates in v2.0

  • Improved creation of item's content with various objects: Text, Images, Hyperlinks, Custom Controls, CheckBoxes, Flags, etc.
  • Advanced formatting options by use of XML tags
    • A table based formatting of the item content, with which a complex data can be presented in a single item
    • Every content element can have their own color and format styles
    • Multiple images at different places in the single content
    • Multiple custom controls at different places in the single content
    • Content alignment for every...

Released: Mar 20, 2008

Updates in v1.2

  • ItemDrag event, fired during start of a custom drag&drop operation
  • ItemMouseHover event, fired when mouse cursor hovers for some time over node space
  • ScrollPosChanged event, fired when there is a change in scrollbar value
  • ShowStateImages, property with which you can control the appearance of State Images
  • DropMarkerType, property with which you can change the appearance of drop marker during drag&drop operation
  • FindItem, method for searching an item with matching text
  • GetSubItem, method...