About IntegralUI TabControl

Advanced .NET Tab Control.

The IntegralUI TabControl is an advanced control which has an option to merge a set of tabs and a toolbar in a single line. This allows you to use the same tools for every visible page. There are many options to change the appearance of tabs. The toolbar can contain items like: buttons, labels and separators on the left and right side of the tab strip. IntegralUI TabControl is easy to use and very customizable with plenty of options for changing the overall appearance. There is support for themes: Classic, XP and Vista.

IntegralUI TabControl is an advanced tab/toolbar control for .NET, some of the major features are:

  • Unique ability to make combination of toolbar and tabs
  • Use standard left-right navigation or select the specified tab from a list
  • Tabs can be displayed in three modes: AutoSized, Compressed and Justified
  • Tabs can contain command buttons for specific tasks
  • Choose among 7 predefined shapes of tabs
  • Option to change the radius of tab corner
  • Use of animated gifs in each tab
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation of tab content
  • Tabs can be placed on each side: left, top, right and bottom
  • Add buttons, labels and separators to the toolbar in control tab strip
  • Toolbar can contain items on left and right side of the tab strip
  • Choose how tabs are closed: dispose or hide them
  • Option to set the maximum width for longer text
  • Rich styling features
  • High customization of every control part
  • Customizable tooltips
  • Customizable border with three shapes: squared, rounded and chamfered
  • Fading effect with five speed levels
  • Watermarks
  • Theme support
  • Visual Styles: Vista, XP and Classic