About IntegralUI TreeView

Rich hierarchical presentation of data and custom controls.

IntegralUI TreeView gives you the next step in creating professional and modern user interface. With it you can customize the hierarchical presentation of data. Images, text and custom controls can be included in every node, and it gives you more flexibility in creation of custom user interface. Includes fast list creation, XML encoding of node text, rich styling features, customizable appearance and theme support.

Highly customizable appearance

  • General color styles for checkboxes, scrollbars and control background
  • Different color styles for every state of Node
  • Styles can be inherited from the parent control
  • Appearance of the Node can be set by custom images or color schemes
  • Nodes can have space between them
  • Partial or Full Transparency
  • Customizable border with three shapes and control over visibility of each border side
  • Office 2007 fading effect with five speed levels
  • Watermarks
  • Theme support
  • Visual Styles
    • Vista
    • XP
    • Classic


  • Separate color style for each state of the node (Normal, Disabled, Hovered, Selected and Focused)
  • Each node can contain text, image, checkbox, flag, hyperlinks and custom controls
  • Text of the node and can be formatted by using special XML tags
  • Control over node border shapes and visibility
  • Node can be visible or hidden
  • Context Menus
  • Node text is editable


  • Multiple node selection
  • Permissions over column reordering, Drag&Drop operations, selection check, hover selection, label edit
  • Advanced Drag&Drop operations
    • Predefined – nodes can be reordered showing the reorder position mark
    • Custom – create your own Drag&Drop operation
  • XML encoding
    • Use XML Tags to describe the node content
    • Text can be shown in multiple lines or paragraphs
  • XML serialization
    • Support for serialization in files
    • Support for serialization in streams, including databases