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The Iocomp .NET WinForm Instrumentation Pack is a suite of 55 real-time instrumentation display components for instrumentation applications. The Professional Pack comes with the 28 Instrumentation Standard Pack Controls plus an additional 27 more to make a suite of 55 controls: ClockAnalog, Compass, GaugeTube, ImageDisplay, LCDMatrix, LedArrow, MatrixButtons, MatrixLeds, Motor, ObjectCanvas, Panel, PercentBar, PercentPie, PhonePad, Pipe, PipeJoint, RotationDisplay, SevenSegmentClockSMPTE, SlidingCompass, SlidingScale, SpectrumDisplay, SwitchLever, SwitchQuad, SwitchRocker, SwitchRocker3Way, Tank and Valve.

Professional Instrumentation Components

Spectrum Display - The Spectrum Display Control  is a spectrum display with optional peak and peak decay support.

Use the BarCount property to set the number of bars. The BarValue property can be set independently for each bar element only at runtime.

Bar values displayed at design-time are for illustrative purposes only to aide in development of your application. You will need to use the clear method or initialize all bar elements at runtime to clear out...

Latest News

Iocomp .NET WinForms Pro Pack V5 SP2
Iocomp .NET WinForms Pro Pack V5 SP2
Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
Iocomp .NET WinForms Pro Pack 5 SP1
Iocomp .NET WinForms Pro Pack 5 SP1
Adds MarginLeft, MarginRight, MarginTop, and MarginBottom properties to the BorderControl class.
Iocomp .NET WinForms Pro Pack V5
Iocomp .NET WinForms Pro Pack V5
Improves SwitchSlider and SwitchRotary controls, plus adds support for Visual Studio 2015.
Iocomp patches Instrumentation Pack
Iocomp patches Instrumentation Pack

Prices from: $ 1,269.10

Developer License: One software license is required per Developer. You may use one copy of the software on a single computer. Run-time royalty free. Additional Developer License - Requires a Developer...

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