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Iocomp .NET WinForms Instrumentation Pack Pro

by Iocomp Software

Add real-time instrumentation display to your .NET applications.

The Iocomp .NET WinForm Instrumentation Pack is a suite of 55 real-time instrumentation display components for instrumentation applications. The Professional Pack comes with the 28 Instrumentation Standard Pack Controls plus an additional 27 more to make a suite of 55 controls: ClockAnalog, Compass, GaugeTube, ImageDisplay, LCDMatrix, LedArrow, MatrixButtons, MatrixLeds, Motor, ObjectCanvas, Panel, PercentBar, PercentPie, PhonePad, Pipe, PipeJoint, RotationDisplay, SevenSegmentClockSMPTE, SlidingCompass, SlidingScale, SpectrumDisplay, SwitchLever, SwitchQuad, SwitchRocker, SwitchRocker3Way, Tank and Valve.

About Iocomp .NET WinForms Instrumentation Pack Pro
Component Type
  • .NET Class
  • 100% Managed Code

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Iocomp patches Instrumentation Pack
Iocomp patches Instrumentation Pack

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