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/n software IP*Works! francisco.gimenez [Argentina] 10-Jun-2008 16:57:03

I work at an enterprise that it's currently testing your ip works framework. It has been useful for some things, but I have some questions in order to see if be can really make a use of it. We are developing an apliccation using the XMPP class for sending and reciving messages through a jabber server. Anytime whe recive a message, we want to know the complete XML code of it, not only the body or who is it from. Is there a way to know this information about the incoming message?. At the time, we are using the FireMessageIn event to recive the incoming message.


Francisco Gimenez.

Nektra, Argentina

Note: The first time I posted this, I did it on the .NET forum, so now Im changing it to the correct section(IP WORKS C++)