Janus WinForms Controls Suite Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Janus WinForms Controls Suite, please contact our Janus Systems licensing specialists.

1 License is required per Developer. Applications created with the software can be distributed Run-Time Royalty free.

Janus WinForms Control Suite Licensing Explanation
When you buy 1 Janus WinForms Controls Suite Developer license you may use this Janus Suite on your laptop computer and on your desktop computer, as long as the software is not used on the laptop and desktop computers concurrently. If you need to use it concurrently on both the laptop and desktop computer, then 2 Janus Winforms Controls Suite Developer Licenses are required.
You may not share the component parts of this Janus Suite licensed to you with other developers, nor may you allow the use and/or installation of the components by other developers.
You are be able to distribute the applications you create with Janus WinForms Controls Suite free of charge, as this Janus Suite is Run-time Royalty Free.

Buy Janus WinForms Controls Suite Site Wide to license an unlimited number of Developers at a single physical address. 4 Team and 8 Team Licenses also available.

Janus Winforms Controls Suite v4 Upgrades
If you have purchased Janus WinForms Controls Suite in the past and now you need to buy Janus WinForms Controls Suite v4, you might be able to obtain a discount on your Janus Suite order. Janus Winforms Controls Suite v4 Upgrade Pricing is available for customers that bought Janus Winforms Controls Suite v3.x (i.e. Janus Winforms Controls Suite v3.5) or Janus GridEx for .NET v3.x (i.e. Janus GridEx for .NET v3.5).

Not sure which Janus Winforms Controls Suite v4 License you need to buy?
As official Janus System (Janusys) Reseller/Distributor we can help. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any question about Janus Winforms Control Suite Pricing or Licensing.