jSparrow Releases

June 19, 2019

Updates in v3.60/v2.3.0


jSparrow 3.6.0 for Eclipse introduces three new refactoring rules.

  • Use Factory Methods for Collections - Java 9 introduced a convenient way to create immutable collections with factory methods. This rule, replaces the invocations of Collections.unmodifiableList/Set/Map with the corresponding factory method List.of , Set.of and Map.ofEntries accordingly.
  • Reorder Modifiers - This rule reorders the modifiers on Type, Field and Method Declarations based on the recommendation of Java...
May 23, 2019

Updates in 3.5.1

  • jSparrow have introduced a Customer Portal , where you can report bugs and get support. This release adds the link to this Customer Portal and the new email address to the help dialogs in jSparrow.
May 16, 2019

Updates in v3.5.0/v2.2.0


  • New Rule - Replace Map::get with Map::getOrDefault
    • Automatically replaces invocations of Map::get with the alternative Map::getOrDefault , thus eliminating the succeeding null checks.
    • Makes the code more readable, by using Java 8 extensions of Map interface.

Java 8 introduced Map::getOrDefault which offers the possibility to return a default value if the map does not contain a mapping for the given key. This rule replaces the invocations of Map::get followed by a null-check with Map...

April 18, 2019

Updates in v3.4.0/v2.1.0


  • Remove Unused Parameters in Private Methods - This new rule finds and removes the unused parameters in private methods. As a result, all the references of the affected method are updated accordingly.
  • Stability improvements for StringBuilder() to StringBuffer() rule - Avoid type incompatibilities in assignments and return statements when replacing a StringBuffer by a StringBuilder.
April 03, 2019

Updates in v2.0.1


  • New Ruleset - This release of jSparrow Maven Plugin contains 55 automatic refactoring rules:
    • All rules of the jSparrow Eclipse plugin 3.3.0 are included in this release, except for the Organize Imports rule.
    • The previously excluded rules System Out To Logging and Rename Fields have now been added.
  • Performance Improvements
    • By using an improved dependency mechanism the start time of the jSparrow Maven plugin has been improved significantly.
  • Java 11 Support
    • The jSparrow Maven plugin can...
March 21, 2019

Updates in v3.3.0


  • New Rules
    • Use BufferedReader::lines - Replaces While-Loops and For-Loops that are using BufferedReader::readLine with streams using BufferedReader::lines.
    • Remove Modifiers in Interface Properties - Removes unnecessary modifiers on interface properties.
  • Extended Rules
    • Replace For-Loop with Stream::Match - In addition to Stream::anyMatch , this rule is extended to allow converting Enhanced For-Loops to Stream::allMatch or Stream::noneMatch.
  • Java Version handling
    • Version resolution when...
February 21, 2019

Updates in v3.2.0


  • Fit for Java 11
    • Since the official End of Life of Java 8 has been reached, jSparrow is updated to be able to run on Java 11 as well as Java 8.
  • New Rule
    • Adds a new rule for collapsing 'if' statements. The motivation behind this rule is to improve the readability of code by reducing the number of nested language constructs.
  • Direct Link to Rule Documentation
    • The “Select Rules” wizard adds a link to each rule description which leads directly to a detailed documentation of that rule on the...