Business process UML modeling tool.

Published by Change Vision
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2005


Please note: As of 12th October 2009 JUDE/Professional has been renamed to astah* professional and updated to V6. To purchase the latest version please go to the Astah Professional page.

What's New in JUDE/Professional

What's new in V5.5?

  • C++ Support, Export C++ Code - JUDE C++ Reverse program (API sample, non-support)
  • Improvements on Export HTML
  • Show differences between diagrams in [Compare Project]/[Merge Project]
  • Change font color of model names
  • Improvements on Export HTML, etc.

What's new in V5.4?

  • Enhanced ER Diagram (Supports INDEX and the visibilities of Alternate Key (AK) and Inversion Entry (IE))
  • New options for SQL Export
  • Simple file comparison to output the differences in Text
  • JUDE records timestamp of project file
  • Software Update Information
  • C# Import

What's New in V5.3?

  • C# Modeling (Class Diagrams, UseCase Diagrams, ER Diagrams and Mind Map)
  • C# Forward (Generate Java Skeleton Code from Models)
  • Edit API (C# skeleton code generates from the model)
  • JUDE Database Reverse Tool (Sample, non-support)
  • Improvements on Sequence Diagrams and Communication Diagrams
  • Specify Initial Icon style for Interfaces
  • Improvements on JUDE Command Line Tool

What's New in V5.2?

  • Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
    • Create, Edit and Export
    • Export Hierarchy Process to Excel
    • Convert between External Entity and Actor
    • Convert between Process Box and UseCase
    • Convert between DataStore and ER Entity
    • Convert DataFlow to ER Entity
    • Convert MindMap Topics to External Entity, Process, DataStore and Anchor
  • Template Class
    • Create new project by importing Template Support curved line JUDE Command Line Tool Java API Release (Statemachine, Statechart and Data Flow Diagram)

What's New in V5.1?

  • CRUD
    • Create, Edit Export
    • Template Flowchart
  • Convert Flowchart to UML
    • Create UseCase from flowchart elements
    • Create Actor from lane
  • Change icon of flow elements [Flowchart]
  • Gradation and Shadow
    • Add gradation for Background of Diagram Editor and model elements
    • Drop shadows to model elements
  • Alias, Physical Name and UseCase Description are included in search target
  • Subsystem is included to export CSV
  • Improvements on API Add a new method to get Hyperlink information
    • Add a new method to recognize the horizontal partition and vertical partition
  • Improvements on ER, Class, Sequence, Communication and Deployment Diagram