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Enhance your SharePoint document management efficiency.

Published by EnovaPoint
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2012

About JungleDoc

Enhance your SharePoint document management efficiency.

JungleDoc automates the daily routine tasks that involve much copy-pasting. This solution allows SharePoint users to merge large Word and PowerPoint documents from small files that contain unique information, create personalized document batches by mail merging templates with SharePoint list items and export SharePoint list items to Word. JungleDoc automatically names new documents according to the user's preferred format, helping to keep document libraries in good order.  

JungleDoc 2 simplifies SharePoint document management by allowing you to generate, combine and mail merge Word and PowerPoint documents in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

Combine several Word documents into one by clicking checkboxes.
JungleDoc allows users to assemble big Word and PowerPoint documents from numerous smaller ones in seconds. The idea is to divide the relevant information into small pieces called 'small parts' and then combine such small parts in a big document by simply checking the checkboxes. Each small part is represented as a separate Word or PowerPoint file.

A good example of small part files could be company information, product specifications, project deliverables, service descriptions, contract annexes, pricelists, certificates, CVs, comparison charts, etc. Such distribution of information across small parts provides flexibility and a better SharePoint document management experience. You will be able to use a particular small part in many different documents while implementing changes only in one place.

No matter how many Word or PowerPoint files you need to include, JungleDoc will assemble them all in seconds and in the required order.

Implement document management best practices in SharePoint. Forget about copy/pasting thanks to efficient information reuse.

  • Distribute the unique content across the organization in separate Word or PowerPoint files ('small parts'). This will help to stay up-to-date easily and to change the information in one place.
  • There is no need to store same information in different templates.
  • Store document templates in one place and control information access and modification permissions.
  • With JungleDoc, creating big documents from numerous small ones is no longer a problem. It is done by simply checking the necessary checkboxes.
  • JungleDoc will name the documents automatically according to your preferred format, e.g. P-13-44

Mail merge documents.Create Word reports. Export SharePoint list items into a Word document.
JungleDoc‘s batch document generation feature makes it easy to generate and fill-in a separate Word file for each selected SharePoint list item. Such generation/mail merge task could be initiated from selected SharePoint list items. JungleDoc knows where to store new documents and how they should be named.

This mail merge feature for SharePoint can be used for generation of invitations, personal letters, envelope labels, printing of custom stickers and more.

Any automatically fillable document template creation as easy as copy/paste.
JungleDoc allows you to create document templates by simply copying content controls from the generated sample file, which includes all possible fields and small parts for the particular content type.

JungleDoc API. JungleDoc in custom solutions.
Use JungleDoc in document creation process in your organization.

JungleDoc SharePoint designer extension will help your organization to create and assemble documents from the custom solution code or SharePoint designer workflow.

JunglDoc Editions

  • Standard edition offers the basic functionality, which includes document generation, mail merging, auto naming, content and metadata reuse.
  • Premium Pro edition offers all the functions of the Standard edition plus merging large Word and PowerPoint documents from small files, Word report generation from SharePoint lists, premium support (8 business hour response time), 2 hours of SharePoint Expert consultancy on product configuration, and one-year software assurance (both minor and major releases).