About KWizCom Clipboard Manager for SharePoint

Easily copy and paste locally-stored images and MS Word rich content in to SharePoint.

KWizCom Clipboard Manager for SharePoint enables easily copying images and rich text documents into SharePoint rich-content fields, providing content editors and contributors a smoother and faster copy/paste process. Easily Copy/Paste images and rich content to SharePoint. With Clipboard Manager, SharePoint content editors and contributors can take images from their MS Windows clipboard as well as any rich-text (formatted text, images, and tables) from a MS Word document and save it in SharePoint, using only copy/paste actions.

Why use Clipboard Manager?

When upgrading a document knowledgebase to a SharePoint Wiki, customers usually struggle with copying material. For example, MS Word documents that include rich-text, tables or images, cannot just be copied to Wiki pages.

The copying process is long and cumbersome and requires saving and uploading each embedded item to a SharePoint Library, then copying the plain text and then reformatting the plain text and the uploaded embedded items into a single document again.

Clipboard Manager eliminates this process completely, enabling customers to simply and quickly copy/paste images and rich content into SharePoint rich-text fields.

KWizCom Clipboard Manager for SharePoint Features:

  • Copy formatted text from MS WORD (including tables and images).
  • Copy images from the Windows clipboard and paste into SharePoint rich-text fields.