KWizCom Default Values

KWizCom Default Values allows you to easily configure default values for all column types, and enables you to target different default values to different audiences. There are column types for which SharePoint doesn't allow you to configure default values. Examples of such column types are Multiple lines of text, Person and Lookup columns. With the KWizCom Default Values Feature, you can easily configure default values for these non-supported columns, like any other SharePoint column. The Form Default Values Feature is part of KWizCom Forms, which allows SharePoint customers to keep using the out-of-the-box list forms by turning them into powerful and dynamic web forms. There's no new technology to learn and deploy, simply uss the same SharePoint list forms now with enhanced web form features.

KWizCom Default Values Key Features & Benefits

  • Configure default values for column types such as Person and Lookup, which the out-of-the-box SharePoint doesn't enable you to define default values for.
  • Configure different default values for different users/groups.
  • Use dynamic token and reference other columns' values.
  • Use external values as default values.

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KWizCom Special Offer
KWizCom Special Offer
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KWizCom Default Values 13.3.42
KWizCom Default Values 13.3.42
Add dynamic default values to your SharePoint list forms.

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One software license is required per server. This add-on is licensed per-WFE server, meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license. Development Annual Licenses are available only for...

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