KWizCom Paste+ App (Microsoft 365)

KWizCom Paste+ App enables you to copy office documents and pictures from your local desktop to Microsoft SharePoint. Quickly copy images and rich-text documents from your desktop to SharePoint rich-text fields. When migrating a document knowledgebase to a SharePoint Wiki, customers usually struggle with copying material. For example, MS Word documents that include rich-text, tables or images, cannot just be copied to Wiki pages. The copying process is long and cumbersome and requires saving and uploading each embedded item to a SharePoint Library, then copying the plain text and then reformatting the plain text and the uploaded embedded items into a single document again. Paste+ app eliminates this process completely, enabling customers to simply and quickly copy/paste images and rich content into SharePoint rich-text fields.

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KWizCom Paste+ App (Office 365) v1.0
KWizCom Paste+ App (Office 365) v1.0
Easily copy Microsoft Office documents and pictures from your local desktop to Microsoft SharePoint.

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Licensed on an annual basis. To continue to use the software you must purchase an annual license each year. Per-user subscriptions are limited to a single site collection. Site Collection Subscription...

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