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KWizCom's SharePoint Rating Solution enables users to rate and comment on pages, documents and list items. Rating can be done in various methods: 5-stars rating, voting and kicking ("Like"). SharePoint 2007 doesn’t provide any rating capabilities and SharePoint 2010 does provide new rating capabilities, but still has some limitations such as no support for voting (thumb-up/thumb-down) and “Kicking” rating methods, no support for adding comments to ratings and no support for locking an item from being rated after a defined date. KWizCom's SharePoint Rating Solution overcomes these limitations.

KWizCom Rating Solution Features:

  • 5-stars rating method.
  • Voting (Thumb-up/Thumb-down).
  • Kicking ("Like)" rating type.
  • Rating can be readers (users who do not have contributer permissions).
  • A standard Rating column enables filtering of items by the average rating.
  • Restricts users to one rating per item.
  • Enables limiting the amount of votes per-user.
  • Enables users to provide comments along with the rating.
  • The "Details" dialog box displays all comments for an item.
  • Allows users to post multiple...

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KWizCom Special Offer
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