KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace

KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace replaces hard-coded strings in SharePoint. It will scan your SharePoint farm and replace existing strings with an updated string of your choice. The tool includes a “Scan only” mode as well as a detailed log – both enable the admin to stay in control and easily monitor all string replacements.

Enterprise Edition Features

  • Import/export list of tokens from CSV file.
  • Search in list items, document properties, web part properties, master pages, layouts and web part pages.
  • Detailed logging.
  • Search in text & Office documents.
  • Search or skip specified lists/libraries.
  • Client tool, no need to install anything on your SharePoint farm.
  • Automatic tool upgrade: When a new version is released, it is automatically deployed when you run the tool.

Professional Edition Features

  • Import/export list...

Latest News

KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace v1.0.0.79
KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace v1.0.0.79
Enables you to silently scan for files that require passwords.
KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace v1.0.52
KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace v1.0.52
Adds auto-detect and auto-login with current user for find and replace behind proxy.
KWizCom Special Offer
KWizCom Special Offer
Save when you buy 1, 2 or 3 production licenses before October 31st 2017.
KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace 1.0.41
KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace 1.0.41
Improved support for Microsoft SharePoint 2016.

Prices from: $ 1,460.20

Domain subscription covers one domain login, unlimited users. Feature, Professional, Enterprise, # users that can run the tool, 1 domain login (unlimited users), 1 domain login (unlimited users), Max...

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  • SharePoint 2019
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint online (Office 365)

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