About KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace

Safely find and replace old url's and strings in your SharePoint 2013/2016 farm/Office 365 sites.

Planning to upgrade to a new SharePoint edition or migrate to a new server - with hundreds, thousands or millions of sites, many of them customized with SPD by power users, and with thousands of documents that might also include hard-coded links to your older SharePoint server, now you can fix all these wrong/broken links in a reliable way and without losing so much time on manual fixes. SharePoint Find & Replace replaces hard-coded strings in SharePoint. This administration client-tool supports both SharePoint 2013/2016 server, as well as SharePoint online (O365). KWizCom's SharePoint Find & Replace will scan your SharePoint farm and will replace the existing strings with an updated string of your choosing. The tool includes a "Scan only" mode as well as a detailed log – both enable the admin to stay in control and easily monitor all string replacements.

Define which tokens should be searched, for each token define with what alternative string it should be replaced. You can also import/export these tokens from/to a CSV file.

Add the searched site collection url's. These sites can be in different farms, in your on-premises deployment and on O365 (SharePoint on-line).

Select between 2 modes of execution: Find only (without actually replacing anything), and Replace. You can also fine-tune your search by selecting where exactly in SharePoint you'd like to search for your defined tokens.

Real-time progress tab allows you to monitor the exact progress, and to pause/resume execution at any time. After execution is completed, a detailed log enables you to review where exactly the searched tokens were found and how many string replacements were done.