What's New in LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional

What's New in LEADTOOLS ePrint

What’s new in LEADTOOLS ePrint 6
Version 6 builds upon and enhances its print-to-file conversion of over 150+ formats, Advanced PDF features, Task Printers, Workstation Application and more by upgrading ePrint to use the latest technology from LEADTOOLS Version 18.

On top of the across-the-board improvements to ePrint’s core functionality, it now comes with support for Optical Character Recognition through LEAD’s internally developed Advantage OCR Engine

LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 takes OCR technology used around the globe within large corporations and financial institutions and packages it in a comprehensive and user-friendly print-to-file desktop application. The OCR Engine is capable of recognizing text from images in over thirty languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more.

What's New in V5.0.1.121
LEADTOOLS ePrint now supports saving output to SharePoint servers. This latest update of LEADTOOLS ePrint 5 is focused on extending ePrint’s workflow functionality to enterprises that rely on Microsoft’s SharePoint server technologies as an ECM solution.