Mindscape LightSpeed is a high performance .NET domain modeling and O/R mapping framework. LightSpeed has first class LINQ support, Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 designer integration and a high performance core framework which means you can create rich domain-driven models more quickly and easily than ever before. Buy Mindscape LightSpeed with Source Code to obtain the LightSpeed O/R mapper source too. Mindscape LightSpeed 12 months Subscription also available when purchased as part of Mindscape Mega Pack.

LightSpeed has truly made my development a joy again. I can't possibly imagine what I ever did without this product. Superior product. Superior team.

Jason Nickle

LightSpeed O/R mapper is an object relational mapping framework that supports domain driven development and works with both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.

Mindscape LightSpeed O/R mapper provides querying via a LINQ provider that works seamlessly with SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, Oracle 9+, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, VistaDB, Amazon SimpleDB and DB2.

The Visual Studio designer supports drag and drop design time modeling for all the databases supported by LightSpeed. It includes full...

Latest News

LightSpeed 5 adds Compiled Query support
LightSpeed 5 adds Compiled Query support
Lower the cost of query generation where only the variables change.
LightSpeed adds RIA Services support
LightSpeed adds RIA Services support
Version 4 also improves support for distributed entities via WCF and other distributed scenarios.
LightSpeed supports SQL CE 4
LightSpeed supports SQL CE 4
Version 3.11 also adds support for user-defined runtime conversions between database and CLR types.
ComponentSource partners with Mindscape
ComponentSource partners with Mindscape
LightSpeed domain modeling framework allows you to quickly and easily create rich domain-driven models.

Prices from: $ 342.02

Mindscape LightSpeed O/R mapper Licensing: One software license is required per Developer. Run-time royalty free. You can buy Mindscape LightSpeed O/R mapper with or without Source Code. Mindscape...

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