What's New in Liquid XML Studio Starter Edition

What's New in Liquid XML Studio Starter Edition - Installed User Licenses

What's New in Liquid XML 2016

New Fixes and Improvements

XML Editor

  • XML Formatting optimization and new Cancel option.
  • Fixed issue where left right keys did nothing when editing cell content in XML Grid Editor.
  • Fixed XML Intellisense issue when pasting end element with leading whitespace.

XPath Browser

  • Improved generated XSLT code.

XSLT Editor

  • Fixed issue where Comment Selection was allowed when read only.

General Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Dialog manager to always remember Don't ask me again state.

New Performance Enhancements

  • Validate on load is now performed on a background thread.
  • Stopped flicker on loading project.
  • Faster data validation.
  • Optimized re-loading of error control.

General Improvements

  • Along with the new features outlined above, existing features have also been enhanced and improved with functionality requested by users.