MARS Licensing

MARS is licensed based on the number of Report Outputs a Day. A simple formula is used to determine the daily peak output:

(Data Count *Report Count * Destination Count) = Total Report Output

  • Data Count: The number of external records used to drive any given schedule. For non-dynamic schedules (i.e. Single Schedule), this will always be 1.
  • Report Count: The number of enabled reports in a schedule. A single schedule would be 1. A package schedule could be 2 or more. A data driven schedule would be 1 as there is only 1 report used.
  • Destination Count: The number of enabled places/formats the report will be delivered to. If a data driven schedule only sends reports by email in PDF format, then it would 1. If it sends to both email and SharePoint, then it would be 2.

All licenses come with:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Recipients
  • Unlimited Schedules
  • Unlimited Processors
  • All Functionality

Activations - You may install and activate MARS on the the following number of machines:

  • PremiumX License - 2 Activations
  • EnterpriseX License - 5 Activations
  • CorporateX License - 10 Activations
  • Blu Activations License - Unlimited Activations

Please note: the Report Outputs a Day count is not per machine, but per license.

Annual Maintenance includes:

  • Free minor and major upgrades
  • Free installation and setup to get you started
  • Free 30 minutes training
  • Unlimited technical support calls for 1 year

License Agreements

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November 19, 2018