About MemPro

A C++ memory profiler that shows where memory is being used, and potential memory leaks.

MemPro records all memory allocations and frees and provides multiple views on this data, including virtual address space, system pages and callstack views. MemPro allows you to take snapshots at any point in time and compare those snapshots. This allows you to see where memory is being used, potential optimizations and other memory related problems such as leaks and corruptions. MemPro automatically detects memory leaks and can find leaks that you didn't even know you had.

MemPro Features

  • High performance C++ memory profiler which can collect data in real-time.
  • Specifically designed to handle huge datasets.
  • Once the data has been collected you can view that data in multiple ways, from virtual address space and page fragmentation, to individual functions and types.
  • Take snapshots at any time and compare those snapshots, this allows you to find out the cause of memory spikes or leaks.
  • Rewind memory feature allows you to see what used a memory address at any point in time, invaluable for tracking down memory corruptions.
  • Includes a sophisticated algorithm for automatically finding memory leaks. This algorithm includes finding unreferenced memory and finding callstacks with suspect allocation patterns.
  • Integrates quickly and easily into any C++ codebase. Simply add the alloc and free macros into your global allocation functions and then connect with MemPro.

MemPro Basic Features

  • Call Tree View
  • Subtract snapshots

MemPro Professional Features

  • Call Tree View
  • Subtract snapshots
  • Automatic Leak Detection
  • Rewind Memory
  • Types View
  • Callstack Filtering
  • Function View
  • Butterfly View
  • Memory View
  • VMem View