MyGet is a hosted package repository server. It allows you to create NuGet feeds, npm, Bower, Maven and Vsix repositories with your own packages and those from other package sources such as, or Maven Central.

MyGet is our hosted NuGet service that takes away all the work and headaches for building and hosting a NuGet feed.

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MyGet Features

  • Package management - Create public feeds and repositories for free. Host your continuous integration, staging and release packages.
  • Collaboration - Development is a team discipline. MyGet allows you to work together on software and provides insights in what is happening.
  • Wide compatibility - MyGet is compatible with the tools of your choice. It supports Visual Studio, with NuGet, Paket, Chocolatey, Npm, Bower, Maven, TeamCity and many more.
  • Secure by default - Manage which feeds...

Latest News

MyGet 2017.1
MyGet 2017.1
Adds new MyGet Credential Provider for Visual Studio 2017.
MyGet 2.2.0
MyGet 2.2.0
Friction-free continuous integration and delivery for your NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven and vsix packages.

Prices from: $ 779.10

The Enterprise Plan is licensed per user, per year (both package producer and consumer) and includes access to all MyGet features, as well as unlimited public feeds. Enterprise: Unlimited Private...

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Feature Highlights

As official and authorized distributors, ComponentSource supplies you with legitimate licenses directly from MyGet.
Compatible with commonly used tools in:
  • NuGet (.NET)
  • NPM (JavaScript)
  • Bower (Web)
  • Maven/Gradle (Java, Android)
  • VSIX (.NET)
  • Chocolatey (Windows)