NetAdvantage ICONS Healthcare Pack

Infragistics NetAdvantage ICONS are high-fidelity, exciting icons that you can use to enhance toolbars, menus, ribbons, and the user interface of your application. NetAdvantage ICONS includes icons in seven different sizes (16px, 24px, 32px, 48px, 64px, 128px and 256px square) as PNG files, plus an ICO file. For each size, Infragistics also provide the icon in three interactive states: normal, hover (highlighted) and disabled (grayed-out so you will always have icons in the right-size and style you need. The Office Basics pack includes cut, paste, copy, file, search, undo/redo, help and many other command icons found in everyday applications, plus more. The Business & Finance pack includes icons designed for many everyday accounting, banking and commercial scenarios. Now any application can have that Wall Street look and feel. The Software & Computing pack includes modern technology icons your users will immediately recognize. With Software & Computing icons you can depict the most familiar program functions and computing devices. The Healthcare pack includes easy-to-use, professionally-designed thematic healthcare graphics, developers can fortify their healthcare application user interfaces across all platforms. The Web & Commerce Pack includes professional images from shopping carts to e-delivery. The Education pack includes icons for software aimed at academic audiences. The Legal pack includes rich, legal system-themed graphics icons. The Manufacturing Pack includes readily recognizable icons address the graphic requirements of today's modern manufacturing software from the assembly line to warehouse automation.

You've designed an effective user interface with cascading menus, toolbars and perhaps a ribbon UI. Now you just need intuitive, meaningful graphics that you can drop into place to make everything come out right. Don't have the time? Don't have an artist's touch? You can now use professionally designed, industry-standard, interoperable file format icons from Infragistics.

  • Web & Commerce Pack - drive sales with professional images from shopping carts to e-delivery. You'll certainly conjure...

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One software license is required per developer. Run-time royalty free. Additional Packs - If you already own a NetAdvantage ICONS pack you can purchase extra packs at a discounted price.

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