Nevron Diagram for .NET 2022.1 Professional - 1 Developer License - Includes 1 Year Subscription


Price Each: $ 692.55Manufacturer Part #: N.DIA.NET.121.PRO+SSCROur Part #: CS-516539-1333167

Nevron Diagram for .NET 2022.1 Professional with Subscription

1 Developer License - Includes 1 Year Subscription


After successfully placing your order, you will be able to download the software immediately. A license key to unlock the software will be generated for you and delivered by email, usually within 1 business day.

Delivered via Download:

  • Nevron Diagram for .NET (355.4 MB)

Delivered via Email:

  • Nevron Diagram for .NET Account Details

One software license is required per developer. Runtime royalty free.

Each Developer License comes with one production Server License and one Desktop License by default.

  • Developer License – required for developing with the components.
  • Server License – required for production web server deployment.
  • Desktop License – required for redistribution of compiled desktop applications.

Subscription gives you access to all minor and major version releases within one year after purchase, priority support (plus 5 additional support tickets with your purchase). You may renew your Subscription after the first year to continue to receive updates and priority support.

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